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He didn't let age change him - he changed the way he aged and got younger as he grew older. Why not follow living proof we can have all eight (8) essentials of youth at 80 and over. Larry says, "if you do waht I have done - you WILL get what I got - FOLLOW ME - you'll be glad that you did.

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Age Management Solutions for ALL Ages

Don't Let Age Change you

Change the Way You Age

Your guide to getting younger as you grow older. 

21st Century Fitness is the first evidence-based formula of exercise and nutrition for staying young. A new attitude about aging breaks the cycle of stagnant thinking that has made most of today's fitness programs ineffective and obsolete. It is the first re-thinking of a total fitness program for ALL ages and lifestyles. It is an awakening to the new dimension of fitness that incorporates the best of the 20th century methods and fills in the gaps that have been missing. It provides every detail of exercise and nutrition to answer the question that we have asked throughout the ages: "How can I have the essentials of youth in my later years?"

Beyond the traditional fitness methods developed in the last century there lies a new dimension of fitness. This new dimension is defined by its goal: to reverse the aging process and provide long-lasting youth.

Beyond Yoga . . . Beyond Pilates.

Tomorrow's Fitness

Tomorrow's fitness is about anti-aging - It's about having the essentials of youth for a lifetime. The first and ONLY evidence-based formula of exercise and nutrition for staying young or returning to youth.

For ALL ages - never too late, never too soon.


I was a student of Yoga for many years, and over time I became an instructor. I After starting the 21st Century Fitness regimen, within a month or two my body had strengthened and realigned to a point where my posture improved significantly. I realized that while certainly there are benefits that come from practicing Yoga, alone it fails to provide a complete and bal­anced formula like 21st Century Fitness.

– Lyle Allen, 55

In 1945 I was a student of Joseph Pilates at his original studio in New York. Larry has taken 21 of those core exercises to make up the foundation of the 21st Century Fitness formula. I enjoy training with him not only because it's quick and complete, but to see the youth Larry exhibits inspires and exhilarates me. It's a quality of fitness I remember in my old trainer Joe.

– Jeannie Cerni, 80+

I’ve seen people lose lots of weight, develop muscles and movement skills, but to see structural change is something else. To straighten a spine, a protruding neck and head, and to straighten shoulders is a rare accomplishment. In addition, I’ve had years of experience working out in gyms with certified trainers, and structure with Larry’s formula has certainly broadened my thinking about fitness. There is no other method that I know of that could generate the same results so quickly, if at all.

– Bruce Reeves, P. T.


How do I find out about this system?

We have instructional videos for the first 12 weeks, as well as a digital book. A soft cover, spiral-bound book can be ordered also.

Can someone who has never worked out do this program?

Anyone can start this program. It works in a progression so you can easily start out as a beginner. As you continue to do the exercises, you will become more proficient and can progress when ready.

Can I learn from the videos?

The videos show exactly how to do all the exercises, as well as Larry explains what you need to focus on, just as if you had your very own personal trainer.

Do I need to change my diet?

The book has a very detailed explanation of what to include and not include in your diet.  Most people need to make adjustments in their diet and if you do not know why, the "why" is explained for you in the book.

Has anyone else tried this program?

Larry himself has been doing this program for years and years and he is now 83!  It took him several years before he actually put the program onto paper, in book form, and several years later to get the exercises video-taped. He has personally coached over 2,000 people and this does not include the people who bought his first edition of his book.

How hard is this program?

You can start this program at any age, but the younger you are, the better off you will be because you will find you are not aging like your friends who are the same age.  Between the food choices you make, and if you do the exercises every day, you will find that not only do you look and feel better, you will be mobile and have a much healthier mind.

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